starter kit

In connection with (but independently of) the CUSO workshops, we’re aiming to create “starters’ kits” for at least some of the main philosophers and schools (Aristotle, the Stoics, Aquinas, Ockham, Duns Scotus, Descartes, and so on.)

They should be concise and complement the available information at SEP and IEP in the following way: 

  • What one introduction should a Swiss philosopher read if they have not “really studied” the person/school in question? 
  • What are the first-choice translations into English, and how are the respective authors cited (just choose one of the many ways, just tell them how you do it yourself…)?
  • Are there some really really good translations into other languages (chosen not for linguistic convenience, but because they offer something valuable only-anglophone (and perhaps Greek/Latin) philosophers are going to miss? 

The main difference to the much more “ecumenical” (and much more important) SEP is that this is personal advice, of the kind you would give your introductory survey lecture students during the first seminar session. You’ll sign with your name and no one will blame you if you “omit” something that “deserves to be cited”. There’s no problem to have two such pages on, say, Aristotle on the portal, so anyone complaining will just be asked to contribute their own such page.

Have first year under-graduates in mind, but be sure that lots of more senior philosophers, specialised in other areas, will also have a secret peek.