Affiliated with a journal contemplating going open access? This project aims to create helpful tools for you. 

Open Access toolkit

Resources for journals switching to an open-access publishing model 

In 2020, the philosophical journal dialectica switched to a platinum, open-access publishing model. Drawing on dialectica's experience, this project develops resources for other humanities journals that are contemplating a switch to open access.

These resources will be divided into two series: the first theoretical, the second practical.

  • In the first series, we provide an overview of the open-access landscape, offer arguments concerning the merits and drawbacks of different funding models, and propose questions for broader philosophical discussion. Our primary aim in this part of the project is to foster discussion of the ethical, financial, and political questions raised by the open-access debate.
  • The second set of resources will consist in how-to guides for humanities journals that have decided to go open-access. Our first document will be a checklist of steps that a journal must take in order to switch to an open-access funding model.

We aim to have beta versions of these documents out soon. Stay tuned!