a gathering of (hopefully all) Swiss philosophers

Monte Verità 20.-24. August 2023

a gathering of Swiss Philosophers

Save the date

The conference will start on the evening of Sunday, 20th of August and end on Thursday 24th of August, at noon. All Swiss philosophers are welcome! 

The idea

The main purpose of the conference is to bring together different research groups, to present and discuss their preliminary results and/or ideas (work in progress very welcome) and to foster interaction. 


The main aim of the conference is to get Swiss philosophers to interact more (that's why the coffee breaks are so long), but also to get them to interact more with the wider public. This is why the conference includes, as a constitutive part, three such projects: 

  • the "Agora" project that aims to bring philosophers and artists together and to make their respective competences fruitful to each other;
  • the "Fluchtgeschichten" (refugees' stories) project that aims to involve migrants in the philosophical discussion, particularly but not exclusively in the discussion of the philosophy of migration;
  • the "philosophers' workbench" project aims at making the tools useful for the wider community that have been developped in connection with the flipping of Dialectica to Open Access.

Program outline

Sunday, 20th of August

  • 17.00 suggested arrival time
  • 18.30 welcome drinks
  • 19 dinner

Monday, 21th of August

  • 8-9 breakfast
  • 9-10.15 project slot 1
  • 11-12.15 project slot 2
  • 12.30 lunch
  • 14-15.15 project slot 3
  • 16-17.15 project slot 4
  • 19 dinner

Tuesday, 22nd of August

  • 8-9 breakfast
  • 9-10.15 project slot 5
  • 11-12.15 project slot 6
  • 12.30 lunch
  • 14-15.15 project slot 7 
  • 19 dinner
  • 20-21 round table

Wednesday, 23rd of August

  • 8-9 breakfast
  • 9-10.15 project slot 8
  • 11-12.15 project slot 9
  • 12.30 lunch
  • 14-15.15 project slot 10
  • 16-17.15 project slot 11
  • 19 dinner


  • 7.30-9 breakfast 

The details of the program will be fixed according to the interests of the participants. 

How to Get There

It's quite difficult to get to Mount Truth. A detailled explanation is here. The walk from Ascona is illustrated by these pictures.