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Kill your Darlings- Rejecting Universality in Human Rights

Do human rights have to be universal? In this article Aurora Solstad argues for the abolition of the concept of universality in human rights.

The article is part of the thematic focus "Human Rights".




L'enlèvement d'Europe

Benjamin Efrati's comic strip on ancient philosophy and the emergence of Europe appears every two weeks in French on Immerse yourself in an artistic and humorous perspective on ancient philosophy here.




Events and Announcements


Marketing Contest at is launching a competition. Send us your most creative ideas on the question: "How can we get more philosophy students in Switzerland?" The deadline for submissions is the 31st of January 2023. The winner will receive a 10% job at for three months.


Competition Ancient philosophy is hosting an essay competition for philosophy students in order to have more content in ancient philosophy for other  students or non-philosophers. The essays should serve as an introduction to the various topics and can be written in English, German, French or Italian. All submissions will be published on, the three best authors win 100CHF each. Learn more about the competition here.


CUSO Sommerschule with Kit Fine

The philosophy portal is organising a summer school for doctoral students from 6 to 14 June in Gléresse/Gléresse avec Kit Fine.





Monte Verità Gathering of Swiss Philosophers

From 20 to 24 August, the ETH Stefano Fraschini Congress Centre on Monte Verità near Ascona will host a major philosophy conference to which all Swiss philosophers are invited.










We continue to expand our 'Education' section. This includes an updated page on questions about philosophy at university.

During your studies, study groups or discussing together can be valuable for understanding philosophical texts or writing a paper. Find here the philosophical listings to meet like-minded people.

philo vignes

Every two weeks, in collaboration with the association "Vignes du Pasquart", organises a short lecture in the vines.