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First of all, we would like to invite you once again and all the more cordially to become a member of our association. As a member of the association you have the chance to help shape and to support us with your criticism and suggestions. You are also welcome to forward this newsletter to interested people in your circle of acquaintances. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here. Of course, we are also very happy about other forms of support, be it financial or in terms of content!



Thematic focus presents a newly compiled list of thematic focuses. Find our article series on topics like animal ethics, democracy and truth, health, and human and nature here. The thematic focuses encompass a variety of articles of different authors from different fields. If you would like to curate a thematic focus yourself, please contact us.



L'enlèvement d'Europe

Benjamin Efrati's comic strip on ancient philosophy and the emergence of Europe appears every two weeks in French on Immerse yourself in an artistic and humorous perspective on ancient philosophy here.



From the feeling of having been wronged to the intuition of universal rights

In his essay, Giacomo Costa discusses the theory of Jeanne Hersch, a swiss philosopher. He studies her theory about human rights against the backdrop of a recent egyptian novel. 













Überlegungen zur KI-Kunst

Are images created by artificial intelligence art? What implications would an affirmative answer to this question have for our understanding of art? In his article, Toni Rasic examines the role that AI-created works could play in the art world.







Meine Erfahrungen am Campus Muristalden

Lionel Thalmann writes a short article about his time at Campus Muristalden. Read more testimonials from former high-school students here.

Events and Announcements

Zürcher Philosophiefestival 2023

The fifth edition of the Zürcher Philosophiefestival will take place from the 12th to 14th of January 2023. Under the title "Kauf mich!" (Buy me!) the various events during the festival engage different questions about property, money, prostitution, likes on social media and many more. Find out more about the event here or download the program via this link.

Marketing Contest at is launching a competition. Send us your most creative ideas on the question: "How can we get more philosophy students in Switzerland?" The deadline for submissions is the 31st of January 2023. The winner will receive a 10% job at for three months.

Competition Ancient philosophy is hosting an essay competition for philosophy students in order to have more content in ancient philosophy for other  students or non-philosophers. The essays should serve as an introduction to the various topics and can be written in English, German, French or Italian. All submissions will be published on, the three best authors win 100CHF each. Learn more about the competition here.



We continue to expand our 'Education' section. This includes an updated page on questions about philosophy at university.

philo vignes

Every two weeks, in collaboration with the association "Vignes du Pasquart", organises a short lecture in the vines.