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Become a member of our association! We need members so that we are not completely alone in the vastness of the World Wide Web. We need people who support us, who give us suggestions, criticism and comments, who talk about us with their friends and - last but not least - people who support us financially! 

Membership options

Membership in our association is free for the association year 2023 (which lasts until the General Assembly 2024, which will take place next spring). If you become a member of our association, you are automatically also a member of the Swiss Philosophical Society and we will pay your membership fee of 2 CHF for you. 

Our association is registered in the canton of Berne and has been tax-exempt since 2010 due to its non-profit status. We will gladly confirm this to you (or the tax authorities) in writing.

We are very happy about any kind of financial support.  In the past, the basic fee for association members was CHF 20.  The "regular", so-called Platinum, contribution is CHF 80. This is a great pleasure for us and expresses your (perhaps critical) appreciation of our work. A really big joy, a huge joy, you give us with a membership fee of CHF 200, which makes you part of the exclusive "200 Club". If you donate even more or other amounts, that is also very welcome. 

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If you would like to become a member, simply click on the link below or let us know. Membership is independent of subscribing to the newsletter, setting up a profile or any financial support.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can choose to become a member of our association at the same time.

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