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This English page is currently under construction. Some of the links might not be active yet or lead to German pages. Thank you for your patience! is not only a publication medium, publication house, education provider and research institution, but also a networking tool. Our goal is to connect people who work with philosophy or are interested in it and to draw attention to points of contact.

Where does Philosophy happen in Switzerland?

Philosophy happens in many different places in Switzerland (non-exhaustive list):

  • Swiss Universities,
  • Philosophical Research Groups,
  • Student Unions,
  • Middle Schools,
  • Colleges of Education (PH),
  • Swiss Philosophical Societies,
  • Philosophical Interest Groups,
  • "on the street" (everyday life),
  • Philosophical Cafés and Regular Event Series,
  • Philosophical Festivals,
  • People's Colleges and Non-Academic Courses,
  • Philosophical Practices,
  • Philosophical Places (Libraries, Bookshops, Museums, etc.),
  • our own Events,
  • other Places.


Thank you for informing us about other places where philosophy takes place in Switzerland! 

Who does Philosophy in Switzerland?

Philosophy happens where philosophers are. Not only does that include university staff or other educational employees, students and professional philosophers, but everyone interested in or thinking about philosophy. 

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