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The Swiss Portal for Philosophy was founded in 1997 and integrated into an association in 2007 (tax-exempt since 2010). 2020 became the publisher of the international journal Dialectica, which is now Open Access.

Information about the association

The association consists of members and a board of directors. It appoints a managing director who is responsible for the operation and expansion of the portal. The annual accounts and the annual report are presented to the members for inspection at the ordinary general assembly and the board is discharged from its duty of supervision and control. New members and proposals for new board members are welcome!

General assembly, 1st of April 2023

We would like to invite you to next year's General Assembly: it will take place on Saturday, 1st of April 2023, in Biel/Bienne. Please find more information here: The agenda can be found here.  

Become a member and register for the GA on 1 April 2023.

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Electronic vote

In an electronic vote shortly before Christmas 2022, the annual accounts and the annual report 2021 were accepted and the board was discharged (6 votes in favour, 1 abstention).

Management and work organisation

After taking over the management of the portal on 15 May 2021, the (re)organisation of the former organically grown structures was a first, important concern, made urgent by the enlargement of the team and the consistent introduction of quadrilingualism on the portal.

An important step was taken with the adoption of the organisational regulations at the general assembly of 2021 on 5.6.2021, which enabled a clear division of responsibilities and competences between the portal (and its management) and its projects (and the respective project leaders).

Thereafter, in an elaborate effort during the rest of 2021, the managing director, in consultation and sometimes controversial discussion with the team, tried to write down the already existing and newly needed workflows in a way that allows and facilitates the onboarding of new staff and the transfer of acquired competences and information. This process is now complete and we look forward to welcoming new staff of all kinds.

Rehaul and reorganisation of the portal contents

As described on the page on the so-called "rehaul" of the portal content, the year 2022 was marked by a reorganisation and rehaul of the existing portal content, which should enable the portal to be opened up in terms of personnel, content and form. At the same time, efforts to acquire new content were intensified in several directions: