PhilExpo22: Its History

the history of a unique project

First Steps in 2019

The first steps in the planning process of a large, national philosophy festival were undertaking in 2019. The idea, originally, was to organise a large number of events under the common topic "taboo": 

Preparation Meetings in 2020

On the basis of a concept paper (deutsch, französisch, italienisch) , the planning began in earnest in 2020, with three meetings:

Change of Topic, Pandemic postponement 2021

The result of these meetings was a "Konzept zur „Woche der Philosophie 2021“" ("Settimana della filosofia 2021", "Semaine de la philosophie 2021") which was put to an electronic vote.

At the official Launch Meeting on March 28, 2021 (minutes), it was decided that the topic should be "Was wollen wir wissen? Que voulons-nous savoir? Cosa vogliamo sapere?" and that the festival should be held from the 6th to the 15th of May 2022.

Among the participants were: Martin Götz, Illaria Fornacchiari, Wissam Balays und Emilie Bretton auch Guenda Bernegger (SPG), Markus Christen (Bieler Philosophietage), Gregorio Demarchi, Rolphe Fehlmann (Bieler Philosophietage), Anna Garoflid (PhilEAs), Paolo Gigli (USI), Caroline Guerlet (Bieler Philosophietage), Christoph Haffter (UniFr), MIchael Hofer (Treffpunkt Philosophie), Silvio Joller (Il colore dei margini – filosofia in movimento), Timo Junger (Fachschaft Universität Bern), Csongor Kozma (Paulus Akademie), Cyril Mamin (UniLu), Annemarie Regez (Volkshochschule Schwyz), Detlef Staude (, Arianna Sforzini (UniFr) und Nadine Tobler (PhiloThik Baden).