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mission statement

mission statement

Under the name of "Philosophie.ch" a non-profit organisation is constituted according to tart. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. Its aim is to promote Swiss philosophy by:

  • pursuing original research on philosophical questions of general interest and on the best ways to make them accessible;
  • publishing the international philosophy journal Dialectica and organising its triple-blind refereeing processes, according to the best practices of the discipline, with a view to improving these practices;
  • carrying out original research on the methods, aims and processes of triple-blind scientific publishing;
  • publishing high-quality content of a philosophical nature that is of potential interest to a broader public;
  • connecting, coordinating, advertising and promulgating such content published elsewhere;
  • connecting, coordinating, advertising and promulgating events and activities that involve or produce such content;
  • connecting Swiss philosophers (people working philosophically in Switzerland, as well as academic philosophers abroad who have a strong connection to Switzerland, either by nationality, education or by their employment history) and making their work more visible and better accessible.


As philosophers, we believe in truth. The truth we believe in is hard to get, difficult to spell out correctly, often unverifiable and frequently beyond our ken, certainly individually, perhaps even collectively. This is why we believe in the absolute value of free speech and cherish the freedom of thought and of its expression as one of the greatest (potential) achievements of mankind. That is why we censor only when we must, i.e. are externally forced to do so. Everyone, here and elsewhere (but especially here), should always, under all circumstances and in all contexts be allowed to speak their mind. 

As philosophers, we believe that the truths we try to get at (professionally) are best ascertained by reason (rather than faith, prejudice, tradition, intuition or the like) and this is why we (try to) follow a regime of argumentative rigour, believing it the best way to collectively make progress in our scientific pursuit of truth. We believe that philosophy is an argumentative discipline and will only publish philosophical content that at least tries to be argumentative.