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There are a number of ways in which you can actively participate in the process of supporting and doing Swiss philosophy through our portal

Welcome! Are you interested in contributing to philosophie.ch? 

Here are some ways to get started: 

as an author: you write something, anything, on a topic that has something to do with philosophy (in the broadest possible sense) and might interest (in a similarly broad sense) a wider public than professional philosophers (cf. our mission statement).
This could be:

  • something of your own: your opinion on this or that philosophical topic, a reply to a philosophically relevant statement, a philosophical analysis of a topic, a book note, an event experience report, a recommendation, a critique...
  • something educational: adressed to high-school or university students, your colleagues, or the wider public (“Where to start with Chinese philosophy”, “Glossary of Schelling”, “100 words of ancient Greek it’s useful to be able to recognise”, “List of publications by philosophers on Covid-19”);
  • something controversial: an opinion, argued for (it does not have to be “Why mind-body dualism is right”, but can also be “Why reading Kant is useless”);
  • something fun: philosophie.ch does not have to be so dead-serious as it is now… (list of best philosophy moments in Monty Python, your link list for philosophical humour, your persiflage of quantum-mechanical hermeneutics);
  • something helpful: sharing an experience (“How I switched to LaTeX for my proseminar papers…”), tips (“Why it’s good for UniBe students to take a course in French and how they get their train tickets reimbursed”, “How to access journals your library is not subscribed to”), advice (“How to apply for travel grants”, “If you are thinking about quitting philosophy because you think it’s useless, read this…”);
  • something personal ("Why I like doing philosophy and why I am sometimes unhappy doing it anyway", "how writing a paper really worked out for me once ", "how I discovered philosophy"), ...
  • or anything else.

You are researching or working on a specific topic in philosophy or have been dealing with a philosophical topic for a long time and would like to share your insights with other academic philosophers or people interested in philosophy?

You are interested in a current topic from a philosophical point of view, you would like to contribute a philosophical perspective to an ongoing discussion or share your favourite philosophical jokes or quotes with people interested in philosophy?

You are welcome to publish your own article on our portal. If you have written something, send it, in whatever format, to info@philosophie.ch.

Here are some guidelines for orientation (not obligations!): .

  • Text length: a typical article on Philosophie.ch contains 8'000 to 20'000 characters including spaces.
  • Title: Short and concise. For example: "The crisis of democracy - a crisis of truth?" or "Does climate change justify civil disobedience?".
  • Subtitle: 1-2 short sentences, no longer than 200 characters. For example: "On the use of artificial intelligence in medical diagnostics" or "The role of intuitions and psychological research for retributive theories of crime".
  • Information about the author: Your name will automatically become a link to your profile. There you can add information about yourself, projects and books. A picture is also very welcome!

When you’ve written something, send it, in whatever format to info@philosophie.ch.


as an author plus: you don’t just feel like writing, but want to pursue a theme, a topic, a range of questions and feel like asking authors to contribute? -- create a series, a family, an area of articles, become an associate “area editor”, curator of a format, author of a column or feature!

Consider writing a simple piece first (as a normal author); please feel free to contact the director or the portal editor for any questions you may have. 


as a portal freelancer: you want to help out, interact with authors, help with the daily nitty-gritty -- become a member of the team: you define your own responsibilities, in concert with your project or section leader and the director; you get a formal contract (but no money) and a work certificate when you move on; please feel free to contact Philipp for any questions you may have.


as a project freelancer: associate yourself with philosophie.ch, get to know how we work and help us with it, then develop your own project that we submit together; please feel free to contact Philipp for any questions or ideas about future projects (and funding bodies) you may have.