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With or without the pandemic, studying philosophy can sometimes be quite lonely. The fields of interest seem unlimited and while one is intensively occupied with the upcoming exams or papers, one often delves into topics about which even the exchange with philosophy students in the immediate environment is only possible to a limited extent.

However, the exchange with like-minded people is invaluable and the experience of pursuing common interests in reading or study groups with fellow students is incredibly fruitful. In such groups, ideas can be discussed, elaborated and deepened in a crtisical way, which helps to expand one's own knowledge and gain new perspectives. After all, philosophy thrives on the exchange of ideas and the discussion of controversial viewpoints.

Philosophical advertisements

Especially while writing papers, I personally have often missed the exchange with others. Brooding together over a passage of text that is difficult to understand or reading recommendations from someone who is dealing with the same topic can often take you miles further in the writing process. I am sure that I am not alone in this concern. That's why has created a platform to connect (philosophy) students from different (Swiss) universities and to promote joint exchange.

One goal of this platform could be, for example, that reading groups are formed, possibly even within the framework of learning contracts, in which students work together on exams or papers on similar philosophical topics and can exchange ideas with each other during the preparation phase. Another possibility is to organise regular meetings of students in groups where each person can present their philosophical readings and work. This gives participants valuable insights into a variety of philosophical topics and can broaden their horizons. In addition, certain texts could be selected and discussions held about them in an evening, either online via platforms such as Zoom or on site. These discussions could be open to all students, giving them the opportunity to hear different perspectives and interpretations and contribute their own thoughts. This approach not only promotes interactive exchange, but also critical thinking and the ability to analyse complex texts and reproduce them in their own words.

How you can join in

If you are interested and would also like to publish advertisements to promote exchange with other students, please send an e-mail to In a short text, which will then be published on this platform, you can share your ideas and concepts.

Ideally, you should describe in your advertisement which topics or texts you would like to work on together with others. Perhaps you already have certain works in mind that you would like to discuss, or you would like to devote yourself to a specific philosophical area. It is also helpful if you can indicate what prerequisites you expect from the other participants. For example, do you want everyone to already have basic knowledge in a certain area, or are you open to students of all experience levels? The clearer you communicate your expectations, the easier it is to find groups that can work well together. Also give us an indication of the time frame in which you envision the reading group taking place. Should it be regular meetings or a one-off project? Finally, it would be nice to end your text with a short sentence about yourself. Tell a little about your passion for philosophy, your major field of study or your experiences in this field. This will give other students a direct impression of you and let them know who they are getting in touch with.

Don't forget to include your email address so that other students can contact you directly, and look forward to the feedback and new contacts that may arise.

Your contact person

Lea Huber, a philosophy student at the UZH, is responsible for the philosophical advertisements on the portal. Contact her if you have any questions.


It is very important to us at the philosophy portal to help philosophy students to network, to exchange ideas and to get to know like-minded and different people. Send us your advertisement, an announcement or a suggestion that might be interesting for fellow students and we will gladly publish it on this page.

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