There Are No Words

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speak reveal connection this the constant - the layers
spirit answers merges collides question observe write changes like question
history change - change history changes connection collides constant speak answers like the
question question merges write reveal of layers observe spirit the
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The aim of this workshop/happening/performance/concert/reading/get-together is to explore, and if possible, deepen, the relation between philosophy and music: connections, similarities, differences, possible collaborations, ideas for such...


Fork Burke's Testimonial

There Are No Words

To witness place
the vineyard unfolds and instantly Nourishes - Every person
That entered seem to step into a realm of deep appreciation -
Expanded Meaning and Function - Ways of being Home
Such abundance reaching out to serve community and artists is vital
And the layers of being there made the vineyard audience itself - all performances as offerings - I had the desire to follow how a certain merging is constant and has
No language - at first - the merging that becomes language - To have these
Three performances rise out of that vibration created something quite wonderful
And cohesive - Everyone who arrived experienced being nourished by all the
energy that goes into caring for place - I know I will keep this with me - this merging of hands and land

Deep Appreciation

Fork Burke

Alison Koehler's Testimonial

Swiss summer lake
from high
Fork’s artemisia and
a garden that looks down onto tree tops

unbuckled shoes and shaved courgette salad pine feathers in vinegar sensory listing, pink dijon yellow

feeling fleshed, delicate dragging glass-heavy bags through rain
or lavender

to taste the whipped butter, to take different initiative quiet allows soft fading of need, of
the photos of radishes are the most beautiful a finale means

eating bubbles - it was good the ones who saw dug
it was a moment, it
was the yellow and green crescent of glass up high forest walking, forest pause we will make glass cut-ups we will lick the

and one more meal
in the secret the magic the stories of wildflowers, that’s us

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The happening started with a delicious apéro.


Fork Burke reading poetry.

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