First Barcelona-Geneva Workshop in Philosophy & Metaphysics of Science

21 April 2023 

University of Geneva 

Rue Jean-Daniel-Colladon 2



    Morning Session.
    Chair: Fabrice Correia

    • 10.00-11.15 Carl Hoefer (Universitat de Barcelona): Classicality and Bell’s theorem 
    • 11.30-12.45 Maria Noergaard (UniGe): Quantum location

    Afternoon Session.
    Chair: Alessandro Cecconi

    • 15.00-16.15 Emilia Margoni (Pisa & Florence): Boh(e)mian metaphysics: a praise for the quantum potential
    • 16.30-17.45 José Diez (Universitat de Barcelona): Philosophy of science: formalism meets pragmatism