Collapsed Platonic Solids, Julian Voss Andreae ©, 2009. Quantum Objects Exhibition.

The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects

a research group in the metaphysics of science in Geneva

The project description

"There is a renewed interest in the metaphysics of objects. However, none of the recent works in the literature devotes little more than a cursory glance to contemporary science in general, and to quantum physics in particular. This is most striking inasmuch as quantum physics provides us with the most accurate account of matter, and of material objects we have. Nonetheless, in the philosophy of physics, there are interesting remarks about the metaphysics of quantum objects. Yet these remarks are widely scattered and rather partial. The present project has the ambition of being the first thorough investigation of the nature of quantum objects. In doing so, it aims to fill a longstanding gap in the literature. The project will be structured into six sub-projects, each dealing with a specific issue in the metaphysics of quantum objects: [1] Composition, [2] Dependence, [3] Determinacy, [4] Location, [5] Extension, and [6] Persistence. Whereas some of the particular issues have received a fair share of attention, the hope is that, thanks to this project, most central ones will be addressed for the first time in the literature."