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Deutschsprachige Podcasts

Dissens: Philosophischer und soziologischer Gesprächspodcast zu "Kapitalismus, Politik und Gesellschaft".

Sein und Streit: Philosophisches Audiomagazin der ARD mehrheitlich zu aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Themen.

Soziopod: Soziologische und philosophische Themen in Gesprächsform.

Lachen und Weinen: Philosophischer Podcast seit 2020, jeden Monat zwei Langfolgen. Die frei verfügbare Langfolge beleuchtet Thematiken in der Geschichte, während die zweite monatliche Langfolge den abonnierten Mitgliedern vorbehalten bleibt.

Durchblick Philosophie: Podcast für Schüler:innen der gymnasialen Oberstufe und für allgemein Philosophie-Interessierte

Das philosophische Radio von WDR: Regelmässiges Forum für die öffentliche philosophische Diskussion in welchem Philosoph:innen mit Autor:innen über tagesaktuelle Tehmen diskutieren.

Sternstunde Philosophie von SRF: Führende Persönlichkeiten aus Kultur, Wissenschaft und Politik im Diskurs mit Philsoph:innen wie Barbara Bleisch und Yves Bossart.

Carpe what?: Kalendersprüche, Insta-Memes oder andere Weisheiten mit der Lupe der Philosophie betrachet.

Philosophie to go: Die wichtigsten Grundgedanken der Philosophie in einem einsteigerfreundlichen Format.

Systemfragen: Gegenwartsanalysen im Konnex von Philosophie, Soziologie und Politikwissenschaften.

Essay und Diskurs: Vertonte Essays zu Gesellschaft, Literatur und Philosophie.

SWR 2 Essay: Essays und Diskussionen zu Kultur, Literatur und Philosophie.

Lanz und Precht: Markus Lanz und Richard David Precht sprechen über die gesellschaftlich und politisch relevanten Themen unserer Zeit.

Der Wilde Stoiker: Stoizismus für den Alltag.

Smart aber Fair: Themen wie Digitalisierung, Werte, Innovation und Verantwortung im Gespräch mit Gästen aus Digitalwirtschaft, Zivilgesellschaft, Wissenschaft und Medien.

Ethik und Philosophie von BR: Philosophiegeschichte für Einsteiger.

Hinterfragt: Der Ethik-Podcast des Ethik-Zentrums Zürich


Podcasts in English

The Partially Examined Life: informal roundtable discussions, with each episode loosely focused on a short reading that introduces at least one "big" philosophical question, concern, or idea.

The Gray Area: philosophical takes on culture, politics, and everything in between with host Sean Illing.

Philosophize This!: half-an-hour episodes on a great variety of mostly western texts, philosophers and ideas. Great for beginners and advanced readers of philosophy alike.

After Dinner Conversation: thought-provoking conversations about ethics, philosophy, and social issues.

Institute of Art and Ideas: big contemporary ideas and issues discussed by leading figures in philosophy, among others.

Brain in a Vat: a wide variety of philosphical debates initiated by thought experiments.

Moral Maze: panel discussions about moral and ethical issues raised by recent news stories.

Good in Theory: a politcal scientist breaking down the core concepts of political philosophy.

The Unmute Podcast: focused on providing informal and accessible conversations about social, political, and ethical issues from a philosophical perspective, touching on controversial topics and pop-culture alike.

Overthink Podcast: talk show podcast that examines a variety of ethical and social topics whilst providing great entry-level resources.

HI-PHI Nation: begins with a story, and seeks to extract big ideas, unquestioned assumptions, weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design. 

Elucidations Podcast: discussions with prominent figures of academical philosophy.

Five Questions: a philosophy podcast where host Kieran Setiya poses five questions to contemporary philosophers.

80000 Hours: in-depth conversations about the world's most pressing problems through the lens of effective altruism.

Always Ready Podcast: discussion of texts spanning critical theory, political theory, social theory, and philosophy. 

Condensed Matter: recent discussions in metaphysics and the philosophy of science.

Cows in the Field: exploration into philosophical, aesthetic, and cultural themes in popular movies.

The Dissenter: interviews and talks with experts and academics from a variety of areas and disciplines, ranging from the Arts and Philosophy to the Social Sciences and Biology.

Embrace the Void: a look at the epistemic and moral crises that are facing society discussed from a philosophical perspective laced with sarcasm and irony.

Ethics in Action: promotes research, teaching, and awareness of ethics in public life.

Prindle Institute for Ethics: discussion about ethics education, dialogue, and research.

SRSLY Wrong: utopian leftist comedy podcast featuring a wide variety of topics like library socialism, ecology and social justice.

Free Will Matters: series about the theory behind the concept of "free will" and discussions about its implications in everyday life.

The Free Will Show: provides a beginner-friendly introduction to the topic of free will while at the same time exposing listeners to the latest developments on the topic.

The History of Philosophy without any Gaps: the series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition around the globe.

Hotel Bar Sessions: public philosophy on a wide variety of topics.

Ideas Matter: two mates discuss philosophy, politics and intellectual history. Each episode is structured around the work of a great thinker.

In our Time (BBC): the history of philosphical ideas in a condensed format.

I think therefore I Fan: a talk show podcast that explores philosophical themes in television, movies, video games, and books.

Little Bad Thing: series about the choices we wish we could undo. Honest stories of lying, cheating, consent, blame and forgiveness that ultimately reveal the complexities of being human.

Mind Chat: interviews with leading scientists and philosophers of consciousness. Accessible to newcomers.

New Books Network: interviews with philosophers about their new books.

The Panpsycast: discussions about philosophy and religious studies. The project aims to provide students and teachers with high-quality resources, whilst creating content that is appealing and accessible to the wider public.

The Philosopher and the News: conversations with philosophers to discuss “the ideas hidden behind the biggest news stories.”

Philosophers in Space: talk show podcasts that examines science fiction films, television shows, and literature from a philosophical point of view. 

Philosopher´s Nest: showcases the work, insights, and experiences of graduate students in philosophy.

The Philosopher´s Zone: a weekly ABC Radio National radio discussion series exploring philosophical issues.

Philosophical Disquisitions: the ethical, social and legal implications of emerging technologies, but dances around some other philosophical topics as well.

Philosophy in Film: each episode draws upon a well-known movie in order to help illustrate a basic philosophical theme or question.

Academic Muslimahs: features interviews with folks who self-identify as Muslimah and are in academia. The conversations revolve around a diverse array of topics; from mental health and climate change to Palestine and Christmas.

Why Theory: brings continental philosophy and psychoanalytic theory together to examine cultural phenomena.



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