Here you'll find lists of philosophical blogs - enjoy!

The two most important blogs for news about the profession

  • DailyNous - gives informations about philosophical calls, books and discusses philosophy as science
  • Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog – news and views about philosophy, the academic profession, academic freedom, intellectual culture...and a bit of poetry.

Blogs in English

  • The Philosophers' Cocoon - a "safe and supportive forum for early-career philosophers", by Marcus Arvan
  • 3:16, Richard Mashall's Philosophy Interview after 3:AM
  • Conscious Entities – short discussions of some of the major thinkers and theories about consciousness. 
  • Blog - by David Chalmers
  • Go Grue! – unofficial group blog for the philosophy graduate students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 
  • Hi-Phi Nation - a popular blog on philosophy hosted by Barry Lam. Now in its fifth season and sponsored by the popular online magazine Slate.
  • Aesthetics for Birds - group blog on the arts and culture by philosophers, artists, and critics, written for a general audience
  • Philosophy and Sports - news and views related to the philosophical dimensions of sport
  • Critical Realism Network - a look at the philosophy of science through the lens of ontology
  • SOPHIA/Society of Philosophers in America - general topics and resources built on a community-focussed platform
  • Pea Soup - ethics blog with discussions of new papers and books with authors and professional philosophers as commentators
  • Friendly Atheist - an atheists view on modern life with particular attention on the struggles of politics and religion
  • LSE Philosophy Blog - aims to provide an accessible introduction to analytical philosophy, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • A Philosopher's Blog - philosophical essays on a wide variety of subjects by a professor of philosophy from Florida.
  • The Brains Blog - directed by John Schwenkler and co-edited by Musholt. The Brains, a leading forum for interdisciplinary research in philosophy and science of mind, strives to make cutting edge research accessible to the public, and draws more than 15000 visitors every month.
  • Warp, Weft and Way - international website for information about chinese and comparative philosophy
  • Blog by Julian Baggini - provides a microphilosophical view of small and big topics
  • Practical Ethics - daily ethical analysis of news events written by authors drawn from students and researchers in four centres based at the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford
  • The Ethics Blog - general discussions on ethics with a focus on bioethics, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, University of Uppsala
  • Aeon - provides a broad spectrum of contemporary philosophical discussions on various topics
  • The Marginalian - blog by Maria Popova, writer of literary and arts commentary and cultural criticism 
  • Arts and Letters Daily - aggregator of the latest philosphical discussions, publications and occurences in culture
  • The Partially Examined Life - although better known for their podcast, TPEL´s website features a vast library of blogposts on various philosophical topics
  • Reason and Meaning - features a variety of topics surrounding the meaning of life and death
  • Love of All Wisdom - a cross-cultural view of philosophical disciplines and traditions around the globe
  • Logic Matters - thought as an introduction to logic which has grown over the years to feature other areas like analytical philosophy and philosophy of mind
  • Musing Mind - a collection of philosphical essays on various topics
  • The Indian Philosophy Blog - a deep dive into indian philosophy an it´s core concepts
  • Daily Philosphy - aims to make philosophy more accessible to the public by providing introductory articles on the history, areas and problems of philosophy
  • After Dinner Conversation - short stories about ethics, philosophy, social issues and ficiton, full issues behind paywall
  • Imperfect Cognitions - features topics on delusions, memory distortions, confabulations, biases and irrational beliefs
  • Shabda Blog - a deep dive into vedic philosphy
  • Philisophical Disquisitions - focuses on emerging technologies and their philosophical implications

Blogs auf Deutsch 

  • Res-Cogitans – Ein Blog in Form einer interaktiven Online-Zeitung zu Themen aus Philosophie und Gesellschaft
  • Theorie Blog - Ein Blog zum Thema politische Theorie, Philosophie und Ideengeschichte. 
  • Praefaktisch - Diskussionen zu aktuellen gesellschaftlichen, politischen und ethischen Fragen im Rahmen eines öffentlichen Forums
  • Denkatorium - Kurze Beitäge über Alltagsphilosophie
  • Philosophie InDebate - Zeitdiagnostik mit wissenschaftlichem Tiefgang
  • Kritiknetz - Blog mit besonderem Fokus auf Kritischer Theorie
  • Philosophike - Essayistische Beträge zu generellen Themen der Philosophie
  • Philosophenwelt - Kurzbeiträge zu philosophischen Strömungen
  • Rotsinn - Rezensionen und Beiträge durch die Optik eines Politikwissenschaftlers
  • Philpublica - Aggregator zu verscheidenen philosophischen Publikationen
  • TheoPhil - TheoPhil ist ein Blog rund um die Themen Theologie und Philosophie
  • Denknetz - Verschiedene Beiträge zu Demokratietheorie, Gerechtigkeit und Politik
  • Widerspruch - Gesellschaftsanalysen aus vorwiegend soziologischer Perspektive

Blogs en français

  • La bioéthique vue de Suisse - blog interactif à propos de diverses questions de bioéthique
  • Année politique suisse - Une des préoccupations principale de l'anné politique consiste à replacer les événements en lien avec l’actualité dans un contexte temporel et historique plus large
  • Revue de théologie et de philosophie - présentation des dossiers historiques, des débats d’actualité et des ouvrages récents à l’intersection entre la théologie et la philosophie