Eidos Seminar 2024

spring semester: Tuesdays from 16h15-17h45.

PHIL013 (Philosophes Building)



    The eidos seminar is a structured discussion of pre-read texts (usually draft articles), distributed in advance through its mailing-list. In the autumn 23 semester, participants usually go for drinks and dinner afterwards. To get the papers and invites, subscribe to the google-group. For questions, contact the organiser Giovanni Merlo at giova_merlo@yahoo.it.

    spring semester:

    • February 27: Simon Evnine: The Human Being in the Age of Biological Reproduction
    • March 5: Vincent Grandjean: Indeterminate Personal Identity
    • March 12: Alessandro Cecconi: To Be Done With All This Measuring of Truth
    • March 19: Lisa Vogt: Upwards Essence
    • March 26: Andrea Lupo: Immanence and Self-instantiation
    • April 2: Easter break - no session
    • April 9: Patrik Engisch: Locked-in and Expandable Creative Domains
    • April 16: Robert Michels: A Partial Defence of the Property View of Predicates
    • April 23: Tim Riedel: Are There Kripkean Necessary A Priori Truths, Really?
    • April 30: Riccardo Baratella: Perdurantism, Common-sense, and Reconciliatory Strategies
    • May 7: Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt: Haecceitism Untethered
    • May 14: Alex Moran: Contingent Grounding Physicalism