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Our Job Offers

Philosophie.ch is hiring! Would you like to not only publish an article, curate a focus area or launch your own project, but also work on the portal as a whole?

Who we are

Depending on the financial situation and the amount of projects, it is possible for us to adequately pay people for working on "core" tasks of the portal (at 36 CHF per hour, not counting coordination and communication efforts). "Core" tasks are those that are necessary for unpaid staff (who may be identical to paid staff) to be able to use the basic functions of the portal:


Who we are not

Unfortunately, we are not

  • a newspaper: the production and procurement of articles is generally not paid for
  • an university: individual research projects or research is generally not paid for (with some exceptions)
  • event organizers: the organization of philosophical events is not one of the core tasks of the portal. However, we invite organizers to use the portal for advertising.
  • a charity: there are many fantastic and interesting projects that we cannot fund due to limited financal ressources. 


What we are looking for

We are looking for independent, creative, conscientious, interested and interesting people to help us unfold the potential of this portal. 

Normally we start with an assignment: 32 (= 10% for 2 months) or 64 hours (= 20% for 2 months), with relatively clearly described and small tasks (2-3 hours), which have one or more portal pages as a result.

Besides, documentation is key. The philosophical microcosm of Switzerland is relatively small (<3000 people, according to our latest estimations). We deal with many people in different roles, relationships and constellations. Transparency about other's work is therefore important. Every member of the team is required to participate in the transparent documentation process. 


Your Profile

There is no such thing. The aim and main task of this philosophy portal is to bring together the philosophy made, learned, taught and researched at the universities with the public potentially interested in it. 

However, we value diversity in terms of age, background, occupation, network, interests in philosophy, talents etc. Feel free to tell us about yourself and your motivation when applying.



IT-affinity is a plus, as we are an online-portal. However, special IT knowledge is by no means a prerequisite.

Nevertheless: we are especially happy about applications of people who have skills in:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • Web design and HTML5
  • Ubuntu / Nginx
  • markdown / pandoc / lula / OJS


The Next Step

Write us an email with a short description of yourself,  your interests and a sketch of some ideas what you think the portal could or should do.

Then we'll arrange a zoom-meeting and discuss further steps.