3 Year PhD Position, University of Fribourg

Deadline: 16.01.2024


    3 Year PhD Position (2024-26) in Philosophy (Fribourg)

    Applications are invited for a 3-year doctoral position (100%) at the Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.

    Airborne technologies, such as aviation, drones and satellites, have become powerful tools for the representation, planning, control and governance of space. The SINERGIA Grant Aerial Spatial Revolution funded by the SNSF (Sinergia 216598) is the first systematic and interdisciplinary inquiry into the history and impact of the aerial spatial revolution that began with aeronautics in the early 20th century. A cooperative project between the universities of Fribourg, the SUPSI, the Accademia di Architettura at Mendrisio (USI) and the Architekturwerkstatt OST (Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences), it brings together experts in aesthetics, urban planning and architecture, visual studies and political theory. The University of Fribourg will contribute with a research team (“Aerovision”) that provides a phenomenological investigation of aerial vision and the aesthetic implications of the spatial revolution caused by the rise of aerial media.
    A 100% funded doctoral position in the team is meant to investigate the metaphor of the ‘view from above’ in philosophy, from Ancient times through contemporary epistemology.  So far no comprehensive study of this cognitive metaphor, associated with objectivity, spiritual elevation and detachment, had been carried out. The project allows a doctoral candidate to qualify themselves within philosophy with a long-awaited contribution, connecting it to debates about the ‘view from nowhere’, embodied cognition and perspectivism.

    - MA degree in philosophy
    - Very good knowledge of English. Very good knowledge of either French or German, and at least a passive knowledge of the other of these. Passive Italian is a plus.

    - Writing a dissertation (in either German, French or English) under the supervision of Prof. Emmanuel Alloa on the topic “Critique of Surveying Reason. The View from Above in Philosophy”
    - Contributing to the Sinergia Project ASR (aerialspatialrevolution.ch) and the scientific activities around the Chair of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.

    Duration of employment:
    1st April 2024 -- 31st March 2026.

    Applications received by 16th January 2024 will be given the fullest consideration. Applications consisting of: 
    1. cover letter
    2. curriculum vitae
    3. provisional outline of the doctoral project
    4. a writing sample (MA thesis or other publications)
    5. two recommendation letters

    should be sent by email to: Stephanie Niklaus (stephanie.niklaus@unifr.ch)