Workshop on the metaphysics of logic

The University of Geneva, Dept. Philosophy invites participation to the following in-person workshop on the metaphysics and logic of location---broadly constructed.  


Location, Location, Location 

University of Geneva 

26 October 2022 

Conference venue: Maraîchers 001 (Rue des Maraîchers 13, Geneva, Switzerland) 


Provisional Programme 


9.15  Welcome
9.30-10.45  Cody Gilmore (UC Davis): Delegation and the Logic of Location
10.45-11.00  Coffee Break
11.00- 12.15  Matt Leonard (California Baptist University): Supersubstantivalism and Vague Location
12.15-14.30  Lunch Break
14.30-15.45  Damiano Costa (USI): TBA
15.45-16.00  Coffee Break
16.00-17.15  Fabrice Correia (University of Geneva): Inexact Persistence 


Organizers: Claudio Calosi & Fabrice Correia 

Financial support by the SNF (project PCEFP1_181088, 


For further info please write to :