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review online-meeting: may 16, 2020

Un semplice festival nazionale di filosofia - è possibile?

Un festival national de philosophie - est-ce possible ?

Ein schlichtes, nationales Philosophie Festival – geht das?

Thank you

We thank the 25 organizations that participated in the meeting.

First results from this meeting will be published here at the end of may. Here you can find the PDF of the running order.



Review of the networking meeting 16 May 2020

Almost 25 event organisers took part in the Skype-networking-meeting on 16 May and exchanged views on whether there is a will to organise a festival or a series of events throughout Switzerland under a common label.

Given that the Swiss Philosophical Society and most of the philosophical institutes of the universities also support the project, most of the private participants also expressed their positive and motivated opinions. All participants as well as all those organizations that were not present on 16.05.20 are invited to fill out the online survey at https://www.philosophie.ch/festival by the end of June at the latest and to discuss their ideas with each other there. On 13 June 2020, a Skype networking meeting will take place again, which will focus on the groups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and will deal with the same topics as the meeting on 16 May.

At the opening of the meeting, Anja Leser (Philosophie.ch management) as well as Dr. Ilaria Fornacciari (Head of the Italian section) and Emilie Bretton (Event Management) presented the general goals of Philosophie.ch as a platform: „We are driven by the motivation to make philosophy better known in society. As a result of this, we attach great importance to presenting the academic philosophy. As an online portal we serve as a communication channel for people interested in philosophy. The criterion for all entries on the portal is therefore – quite simple: A professional philosopher must be involved. One of our goals is to give equal consideration to all participants. We try to emphasize that such a small community should always be about cooperation than competition. And this brought us to the question - and this is the question we are now asking everyone involved in the meeting today - why not organise a joint event?


Benefits of joint activities

From our point of view it makes sense to organise something together and if possible nationwide. In the foreground is that every local actor can present himself. The "nationwide framework" thus serves to draw more attention to the philosophy. All participants should benefit from this framework as an advertising channel. Our idea would be to use the portal as an umbrella organisation. It goes without saying that we can only accomplish this task if the community assigns it to us. And therefore we pursue a participatory approach. What does that mean? Neither the format, nor the theme, nor the title, nor the time of the joint event have been determined yet. In order that the event can actually be realized in a way that benefits the participants, the discussion is hereby opened. Since not everyone present at the meeting may be able to give their input on all points today, we have created an online survey. You are cordially invited, as well as all other organizations that are not present today, to make your voice heard. We will send the evaluation together with a basic concept to everyone in two months time. We have sorted the survey by: Aim, Format, Content, Planning and an open discussion.“






Invito alla riunione di rete nel maggio 2020

Gentile Signore o Signora

L'associazione Philosophie.ch desidera invitarvi a un incontro congiunto con le oltre 70 altre organizzazioni che offrono eventi filosofici in Svizzera. Nel pomeriggio del 16 maggio 2020, oltre a un'introduzione generale, si potrà discutere dei seguenti punti:

Dalle 14.00 alle 15.00: Ingresso: un semplice festival nazionale di filosofia - è possibile?

15.00-15.45: Discussione: C'è una volontà da parte vostra e quali sono i vantaggi e gli svantaggi di un accordo di base comune come festival nel 2021?

15.45 alle 16.00: Grazie e addio

A questo scopo, ma anche per un fondamentale sviluppo ulteriore della cooperazione, vi chiediamo di far partecipare all'incontro previsto una persona responsabile della vostra organizzazione, associazione, casa editrice, centro di formazione o simili.

A nome dell'associazione Philosophie.ch spero di aver suscitato il vostro interesse.

Con cordiali saluti,

Anja Leser

Gestione Philosophie.ch


Invitation à la réunion de réseautage de mai 2020

Madame, Monsieur,

L'association Philosophie.ch vous invite à une rencontre commune avec les plus de 70 autres organisations qui proposent des manifestations philosophiques en Suisse. Après une introduction générale, nous aurons ainsi l'occasion, dans l'après-midi du 16 mai 2020, d’échanger autour des points suivants :

14h00 à 15h00 : Proposition - Un festival national de philosophie - est-ce possible ?

15h00 à 15h45 : Discussion - Le projet d'un festival national de philosophie en 2021 suscite-t-il votre intérêt? Quels sont les avantages et inconvénients de l'organisation d'un tel événement ?

15h45 à 16h00 : Remerciements et clôture

Dans cette optique, mais aussi pour construire les bases d'une coopération, nous vous prions de bien vouloir faire participer à la réunion prévue une personne responsable de votre organisation, association, maison d'édition, centre de formation ou institution.

Au nom de l'association Philosophie.ch, j'espère avoir éveillé votre intérêt et serais très heureuse de recevoir votre confirmation de participation à cette réunion commune.

Avec mes salutations les meilleures,

Anja Leser

directrice Philosophie.ch


Einladung zum Networking-Treffen im Mai 2020

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Gerne möchte Sie der Verein Philosophie.ch zu einem gemeinsamen Meeting einladen, gemeinsam mit den über 70 anderen Organisationen, welche philosophische Veranstaltungen anbieten in der Schweiz. Während des Nachmittags des 16. Mai 2020 kann neben einem allgemeinen Kennenlernen die Diskussion folgender Punkte stattfinden:

14.00 Uhr bis 15.00 Uhr: Input: Ein schlichtes, nationales Philosophie Festival – geht das?

15.00 Uhr bis 15.45 Uhr: Diskussion: Gibt es die Bereitschaft Ihrerseits und was sind die Vor- und Nachteile eines gemeinsamen Grundakkordes als Festival im Jahr 2021?

15.45 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr: Dank und Verabschiedung

Hierzu, aber auch zu einer grundsätzlichen Weiterentwicklung der Kooperation, möchten wir Sie herzlich bitten eine*n Verantwortliche*n ihrer Organisation, ihres Vereins, ihres Verlages, ihrer Ausbildungsstätte o.Ä. am geplanten Treffen teilnehmen zu lassen.

Im Namen des Vereins Philosophie.ch hoffe ich sehr, hiermit Ihr Interesse geweckt zu haben.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Anja Leser

Geschäftsführung Philosophie.ch