Università della Svizzera italiana

New Master in Philosophy (in english) at the Università della Svizzera italiana

The Master in Philosophy at USI aims to allow students to deepen their understanding of philosophical problems, to develop the ability to think, argue, write and speak clearly.


The Master in Philosophy at USI differs from many other philosophy programs:

  • It offers courses in contemporary analytic philosophy and in the history of philosophy, ancient and medieval, which are designed to complement each other.
  • Its focus is on theoretical philosophy and its history - especially on metaphysics and the philosophy of mind.
  • It has a strong thematic unity; time - the metaphysics of time, temporal consciousness, the logic and linguistics of time, the philosophy of history, the nature of narratives, time and social ontology.
  • It requires students to submit regular written work, to produce research papers and to develop their discussion skills in class.
  • It offers courses in philosophy for up to at least 105 ECTS.

This full-time study program comprises 120 ECTS spread over 4 semesters (usual duration 2 years). All philosophy courses are in English. It is possible for students to earn their degree by taking courses in English only.