University of Glasgow and University of Zurich

one 4-year PhD position in philosophy

Department of philosophy at the University of Glasgow and department of philosophy at the University of Zurich offer a 4-year PhD position divided as such:

Year 1, 2 and 4 in Zurich (supervision: Anne Meylan)

Year 3 in Glasgow (supervision: Christoph Kelp).

Starting date: September 1st 2021


Application deadline: June 14th 2021

Decision: by the end of July 2021


Job description

The position is part of the SNF-research project “Evidence: Knowledge and Understanding” directed by Anne Meylan and Chris Kelp. This project aims at offering a novel account of the relation between evidence, knowledge and understanding. It considers in detail the knowledge-first approach of evidence as well as accounts of the distinct roles played by evidence. Another part of the project will explore knowledge-based accounts of understanding and current debates pertaining to the factivity of understanding, its grasping component and its compatibility with epistemic luck.  More detail can be found here:



MA degree in philosophy, preferably in epistemology. The successful candidate is expected to have his/her master’s degree by the time s/he takes up the position.

Willingness to write a PhD thesis dealing with one of the project’s topics.

Willingness to work in a collaborative research environment and to take an active part in the departments’ activities (seminars, workshops, etc.)

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of German is not required but may be an advantage.


How to apply

Candidates are requested to submit electronically the following application material to Lara Schadde,

  1. a cover letter;
  2. a CV;
  3. an anonymized short research proposal for the PhD thesis (2000 words max) (in particular, do not mention your name, country, and name of your university);
  4. an anonymized sample of written work (8000 words max). This may be a part of the MA thesis or a term paper, for example.

Please send (1) and (2) in a single PDF file entitled “part 1”.

Please send (3) and (4) in a single PDF file entitled “part 2”.