No Money, No Women; Or: Social Relationalism as the Best Solution to Grid Collision

The guest speaker is: Jonathan Schaffer (Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University); the talk is chaired by: Damiano Costa (USI)
The talk will be held on Zoom and it will also be streamed on USI Master in Philosophy Facebook page.
18:00 - 20:00
The social rules are not fixed but variable. So the social features vary: what counts as money, and who counts as a woman, vary with different social rules. This creates a problem—the problem of grid collision—as to what (if any) social features something has when it counts in conflicting ways by multiple rules. Social relationalism is the view that there are no socially constructed properties like being money or being a woman, but rather social relations to rules like being monetized as a dollar by this rule and being gendered as a woman by that rule. I argue that social relationalism provides a stable way to think about socially constructed reality, and serves as the best solution to the problem of grid collision.

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This talk is part of the Lugano Philosophy Colloquia.

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