the need for philosophy

shocking news from the world of science

Can philosophy help us understand contemporary science?

shocking news

Contemporary science, its protagonist and its interpreters make a number of astonishing claims: that there is no time, that there are no individuals, that left and right belong to the structure of fundamental reality, that evolution is no driven by us but by little things living inside us, etc.

in need of interpretation

These claims, however, do not simply "fall out" of scientific results, they are the product of an interpretation of these results, be it by the scientists themselves, those teaching their successors, science popularisers and even philosophers. 

The aim of this article series is to show that such philosophical interpretation is difficult, un-obvious and open to debate (that’s what the articles are about). This introduces interesting scientific stuff (the perls of the science communication literature), but also shows the importance / relevance / difficulty of its philosophical interpretation.