Phenomenal Consciousness and Self-Awareness

Universität Miséricorde, Salon des Professeurs MIS 02 2113
09:00 - 18:10

Friday April 12th
Room: MIS02 2113, Salon des Professeurs, Miséricorde

9.00-10.20      Daniel Morgan (York)
'Self-awareness and safety’           

10.40-12.00    Carlota Serrahima​ (Logos-BIAP, Barcelona)
‘A defence of experientialism about the sense of bodily ownership’           

13.30-14.50    Anna Giustina (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)
‘Introspective Acquaintance: An Integration Account’           

15.10-16.30    Alexandre Billon (Lille)
‘A subjectivist solution to the hard problem of consciousness’           

16.50-18.10    Maiya Jordan (Alberta) (by video call)
‘Iterative Pre-Reflection versus Non-Iterative Pre-Reflection: Two Arguments for Iteration’

Saturday April 13th
Room: MIS02 2113, Salon des Professeurs, Miséricorde

 9.30-10.50      Michelle Liu (Oxford)
‘Revelation and the Ordinary Conception of Experience’

11.10-12.30    Davide Bordini (Liège)
‘Not in the Mood for Intentionalism’           

14.00-15.20    Hedda Hassel Mørch (Oslo)
‘Phenomenal Powers’           

15.40-17.00    François Kammerer (UC Louvain)
‘Alternative Introspection(s)’