GREENTOPIA: Ideas, Concepts & Institutional Proposals

New Directions in Plant Ethics
University of Vienna
09:00 - 17:30

Interdisciplinary Conference 

with presentations that address new proposals to redefine the interface of society and nature (for more information see https://plantethics.univie.ac.at/greentopia/)

With plenary talks by:

Stephen Gardiner:     Governing Greentopia?

Angela Kallhoff:         Institutions for Joint Environmental Action. Fallacies and Prospects

Paul Thomson:           Greentopia: The Agrarian Vision

Andreas Hetzel:         Why Should We save Species from Extinction? An Ignorance-Based Perspective

Wolfgang Palme:       How should we grow Vegetables More Efficiently: New Concepts for a Sustainable, Diverse, Seasona and Consumer Oriented Agriculture

Tracey Skillington:     A Critique of the Concept of LImit in Dominant Institutional Approaches to Environmental Problems: Toward a Deeper Framework of Justice