TU Eindhoven

PostDoc: Analysis of practical ethics in technology

3Y PostDoc in the "Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies" (ESDiT) programme (10Y, €27M). Supervising professors: Wijnand IJsselsteijn & Vincent C. Müller, TU Eindhoven.

As part of the inter-university research consortium, "Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies (ESDiT)" the Human-Technology Interaction group of Eindhoven University of Technology is looking to hire a postdoc for a three-year project on “A qualitative investigation of STEM perspectives on relevant ethical knowledge, concerns, and practices associated with socially disruptive technologies.”

The aim of this postdoc project is to perform a multi-method empirical investigation and philosophical analysis of the ethical practices and mechanisms (e.g., safeguards, guidelines) employed by current scientific thought leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, CEOs, entrepreneurs and technical experts in relevant high-tech/biotech industries in order to create ethical awareness, assess ethical drivers and barriers, and raise ethical concerns. This includes the current form of ethical knowledge within high-tech environments, the role that ethical considerations play in pursuing, altering or discontinuing certain technological pursuits, and the extent to which ethical notions, considerations and practices are impacting current and future technology R&D, including the societal introduction and use of high-tech products and services. There will be a special emphasis on the extent to which currently used ethical concepts, methods and recommendations connect well with the practices in STEM industry and policy regarding the disruptive or transformative potential and actual effects of technology.

The postdoc will pursue independent research that engages these topics in a way that supports key research goals of the ESDiT consortium. This will involve cooperation with STEM representatives from inside and outside the ESDiT consortium, as well as cooperation with the other concurrent postdoc projects in the consortium, which are devoted to (1) distinguishing characteristics of socially disruptive technologies, (2) the nature of ethical conceptual change, and (3) methods of practical philosophy of emerging technologies.