Kant on A Priori Knowledge and the Necessity of the Categories

Workshop with Adrian W. Moore (Oxford)
Universität Freiburg, Online
10:15 - 16:00

Monday, March 15, 2021
10.15-12.00: Adrian W. Moore (Oxford): Armchair Knowledge, some Kantian Reflections
14.15-16.00: Isabel Kaeslin (Fribourg): Comment on Adrian W. Moore & discussion

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
10.15-12.00: Adrian W. Moore (Oxford): The Necessity of the Categories
14.15-16.00: Paola Romero (Fribourg): Comment on Gomes, Moore & Stephenson & discussion

The workshop will be taking place online (MS Teams)

Papers discussed will be read by participants beforehand and are going to be available two weeks in advance.

Registration is required. To register, please send en e-mail to mario.schaerli@unifr.ch