Do we know the role our values play in everyday business? (What is there to know, what should we know?)

2x Kurzvortrag + Diskussion / Workshop
Impact Hub Zürich – Colab, Sihlquai 131
18:30 - 20:30

Beyond ESG: Do we know the role our values play in everyday business? What is there to know, what should we know?
ESG criteria are now on every progressive company´s agenda. Companies are expected to take responsibility for the environmental (E) and social (S) impacts of their business operations, and to implement fair governance (G) practices. But what justifies the higher ethical standards that are now demanded of companies? What are the underling values?
In this workshop, we look at the historical developemnt of ethical demands made on companies from CSR to ESG and shed light on their moral grounds. This brings us to the question of what role values play in business.
– Do we know what the values are that guide business as usual?
– Do we know what values are needed to successfully transition to ESG-driven business?
– And how do we adopt and live these values?
Here, we discuss the opportunities of participartoy processes involing diverse stakeholder groups.

The workshop is part of Philexpo 2022, a philosophy festival in Zurich. It will involve two short keynotes, groupwork that allows participants to develop own answers to fundamental ethical as well as practical business questions, a panel discussion and space for informal exchanges and networking.

Animiert von: Franziska Poprawe und Deepak Bansal