Abécédaire de l'actualité en philosophie

Interviews with specialists, invited to reflect on a key term in current philosophical research

The format "Abécédaire" is inspired by the French TV documentary of the 80s with the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. In that documentary series – considered a cult nowadays – the journalist and student of Deleuze (Claire Parnet) converse with the philosopher about several key terms of his work in alphabetic order : from "A comme animal" to "Z comme Zig zag". Philosophie.ch's Abécédaire de l'actualité en philosophie will interview a different scholar for each entry, so the parallel with the documentary series on Deleuze ends here. The interviewees will be mostly post-docs or scholars in the early stages of their career currently working in Switzerland or with some links with Swiss research institutions (affiliations, past, current or future fellowships, research or teaching assignments, etc.).The interviewer will be someone from the philosophie.ch's team. 

Short movies on today's research topics

Each film will be 10-15 min long. As for the content, the conversation will be focused on the definition, connotation and context of the notion/concept under consideration and the links between research project of the researcher and the landscape of the actual philosophical research (a short bio of the scholar with her/his publications, her/his most important philosophical references and interests and a synopsis of the research work in focus will be written on the website on the page where the video will appear). The language is open and colloquial. The interviews will show how research in philosophy, far from being inaccessible and detached from everyday life, is confronted with a variety of wide-ranging problems that affect us all closely.

Pilot phase

This project has already carried out and produced two "pilot" episodes in 2021, with two researchers from the Universities of Fribourg and Basel respectively. The project has also gathered interest and willingness from researchers who would be glad to be involved.