Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Cultural Theory and Semiotics (SGKS/ASSC): Aesthetics of Property

2-4 May 2024

University of Lausanne


    The SGKS Annual Conference 2024 focuses on processes, policies, and poetics of appropriation.


    Here are a bunch of questions that it will address: What function does property serve today, especially concerning bodies, intellectual creations, and nature? Is there a commodification of societies and cultures in this regard? What concepts from legal ethnology, literary studies, art history, sociology, and media theory can help to describe appropriation processes more accurately? Can literature, similar to looted art, become colonial plunder? What role does ownership of both material and immaterial goods play in aesthetics? And, given platforms like Uber or Facebook, can we still sensibly distinguish between material and immaterial goods?


    The conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg von Arburg and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wegmann and will be held at the University of Lausanne (Campus UNIL) - 2.- 4. May 2024


    Further information can be found here.