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Intentionality - the Mark of the Mental

Metaphysical Perspectives on Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

Research project funded by the SNSF (CRSI11_127488), 1.10.2009 - 30.9.2013.

This "Sinergia" project investigates intentionality, the central phenomenon studied in the philosophy of mind, from a metaphysical perspective. The three subprojects, each involving a postdoc and a PhD student and led by senior investigators with a large experience in the field, focus on the notion of content, analysing it from three different, alternative, but complementary perspectives. The first subproject investigates the perspectival character of contents, seeking to give a metaphysical analysis of essentially tensed, located and egocentric contents in terms of tensed, located and egocentric facts in the world. Subproject B assesses the prospects of the thesis that the intentionality of the mental is entirely accounted for in terms of conceptual content, usually taken to be the hallmark of propositional thought. Subproject C reconceives the intentionality of emotional episodes, in terms of their formal objects and their valence, questioning the analogy with perception. Together, the three projects thus illustrate the three main approaches to content, trying to capture the relevant phenomena in terms of their worldly, propositional or formal-objectual correlates. To these three takes on content correspond three different ways of individuating mental phenomena, in terms of their genesis, their constitution and their adequacy conditions respectively.

More particularly, the research aims of the three subprojects are the following:

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principal investigator: Fabrice Correia, University of Neuchâtel.

project leaders:

postdoc collaborators:

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